Acustronica Web Promotion is the promotion service for all the artists and band that are not part of the Acustronica roster.

If you choose to use our services, your album will be sent to approximately 1000 magazines, blogs ,and radio on the other words, it will be promoted like any album in the Acustronica catalog.

For more info, feel free to contact us at

some albums we are promoting

Alessio Riccio - Ninshubar
Bandcamp page

“Cartoonish, demented, and with a good dollop of psychotic humor, Ninshubar defies categorization. Vote: 8.4” Beach Sloth

Saul Freeman - Wait: Speak
Wait: Speak

“This album is not a mere compilation of a composite music career but, in all probability, the opening of a new, ambitious artistic cycle.” Music Won't Save You