Reclaim The Horizon


Reclaim The Horizon

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Vote: 4.5 out of 5 Netlabelism

"These are works of astounding beauty[..] A powerful unique album" Beach Sloth

"A surreal journey between echoes and frictions" See Sound

on air on Anima Jazz, Parachute, No Pigeonholes

"Reclaim The Horizon" is a look to the entire world trough the sound: just stop for a while to observe and realize the real pace of the life without sliding away in the day life's noise.
The album has been composed and recorded by Fabio Battistetti at I-Park Studio (Connecticut, US) and at the Blue Angle (Torino, IT) between winter 2011 and summer 2013. Mastered at O.F.F. Studio (Torino, IT) by Marco Milanesio.