"One of the most competent Italian netlabel when it comes to electronics and experimentation" Mescalina

"An innovative and intriguing label" Lucid Culture

"Quality and originality" MusicZoom

"Internet label Acustronica is beginning to gain a reputation for unearthing European electronic talent" Leonard's Lair


Acustronica music was reviewed and featured by many important magazines, blogs and radios, among them:

Allaboutjazz, Musica Jazz, Rockit, Mescalina, Battiti, Blow Up, Drum Club, DrumSet Mag, Vital Weekly, The Sound Projector, Monsieur Délire, Prepared Guitar, Avant Music News, The Attic, Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog, We need no swords, Rockerilla, Soma FM, Radio Popolare, @Critical Jazz, Trebuchet, New York Music Daily, Darage Bang, La Grosse Radio, Jazz Wrap, NetMusic Life, Leonard's Lair, Music Addiction, Son Of Marketing, Echoes And Dust, Where is the club?, Beach Sloth, Aural Moon, Terrascope, Foreign Accents, Delicious Agony, Ondarock, Loudvision, Rockshock, Progwereld, Exposé, Progressor, Hate TV, MusicZoom, ATTN: Magazine, Difficult Listening, The Irrelevant Show, Lord Litter, Unfamiliar, Makeface Radio and many others

some of our most acclaimed albums

Daniel Barbiero/Cristiano Bocci - Nostos

Selected as one of 2015 best albums by Avant Music News

Selected as one of 2015 best albums by Acts Of Silence

"An inspired and convincing work" Blow Up

"Barbiero and Bocci’s collaboration stands out from much modern classical in recent memory. Nostos comes highly recommended to all fans of modern classical and electro-acoustic sounds." Foreign Accents

"Recommended for sure!" Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog

"Gutsy constructions for double bass and electronics" We need no swords

"An intriguing and convulsive journey to discover new horizons" So What

"An innovative marvel" mMusic

"There is a special substance emerging from this long distance clash of electronic ways applied onto the organic acoustic sound." The Attic

""“Nostos” is a meticulous, precise, and human piece showing off the immense talents of Daniel Barbiero and Cristiano Bocci"" Beach Sloth

"A fantastic album" The Spread

""Nostos" should be of interest both to bass lovers and to listeners curious about the possibilities of processing" Exposé

"Strange things there may be, out there, but it sure beats boredom" Trebuchet

on air on The Sound Projector Radio Show, Difficult Listening, The Irrelevant Show, Lord Litter, The Spread, Unfamiliar, Makeface

Nheap - Flying and the silence
Flying and the silence

"It seems that the multi-faceted drummer and composer from Perugia will become one of the guiding stars in contemporary eclectic music" Darage Bang

""Flying and the silence" is a an excellent project" Mescalina

"A fine listen" Monsieur Délire

"An album to love viscerally, to listen and listen, that I would call "dreamy", because of its hypnotic qualities and for that feeling of bliss that infuses" Audiofollia

"I immediately got caught by the relaxing mood but above all the warm sound of the Fender Rhodes piano that features on many tracks besides a whole range of other keyboards and synths. It surprised me that Massimo is originally a drummer though, a job he also does very tasteful." Echoes And Dust & Spotlight On

"Overall, what attracts me most is the fluidity of the rhythms, their being suspended in mid-air, heedless of the Earth's gravity." NetMusic Life

"Primary colors" selected as "MP3 of the Day" by All About Jazz

Cristiano Bocci - Instruments

selected as one of the best italian album of 2013 by Son of Marketing

"The strengths of the album are the high originality and expressive power that burst out from each composition. More than an album, an experience." Son of Marketing

“The whole is very tight and intense worth to be listened and discovered.” Recent Music Heroes

Sava Marinkovic - Nowhere Near
Nowhere Near

"selected as one of "Best Albums Of 2013” by JazzWrap

"Nowhere Near is a short album in length but long on beauty, distance and space. ” JazzWrap

“Beautiful” MusicZoom

“Perfect, clean, impeccable and beautiful!” ILLUSION Project

"This is an album for those who want to see the dream" Yamanote Dreams

Surak - Space Invaders
Space Invaders

“The album is a stellar work of excellence.” Floor Shime Zipper Boots

“A noteworthy launch that eludes all genre traps and clichés with ease.” ambientexotica.com

“Surak has managed to lace Space Invaders with such intricate music and emotion that it presents the listener with a beautiful dream-like sensation of falling into the unknown.” Sound and Motion Magazine

"And here goes something I wouldn’t miss at any cost. Easy listen, easy flaw, easy vibes, easily accessible. Everything about this project is great as it carries an extreme minimalist side with some exquisite drone elements backed up by spoken lyrics few places.” TheSirenSound.com

Melinda Ligeti - Paspreture

"Contemplative and deep" NetMusic Life

"Ethereal, delicate and fragile, Melinda music takes us in not always happy places, but in which we are lost with pleasure" La Grosse Radio Rock

"Highly Recommended!!!" Onsen

Nheap - Clouds under the table
Clouds under the table

"I just think this entire album is beautiful" All About Jazz

selected as a "Top 10 album of 2011" by NetMusic Life

selected as a "Top 10 album of 2011" by Doujin-music

"A vibrant and rich sonic color palette combined with soul shaking melodies and a live drum set move this music to a post rock/jazz fusion line where it music rests comfortably while creating an ambient pulse.[...]Clouds Under The Table is a well thought out and impeccably performed sonic food for the visceral as well as the cerebral" @Critical Jazz

Nheap - Skymotion

selected as one of "The Best Instrumental Albums of 2009" by Hold the Throne

selected as one of "The Best Albums of 2009" by Leonard's Lair

Hldrrr "Today's free MP3" on 16/10/2009 on All about jazz

Fort Fairfield - The Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea Scrolls

"one of the best records of the year[...]Every home should contain one of these" Burning World

Fort Fairfield - The essential thing resists telling
The essential thing resists telling

"It’s music so good that as each songs seamlessly slips into the next you forget you’re listening to just six songs, and by the time you realise you’re already halfway through your third listen." Listen Before You Buy

Nunun - Nunun

"A really interesting work, that definitely will be appreciated both from the experts and listeners, and that will find his own place in the italian and international music scene." Saltinaria.it

On air on SomaFM

Monkik "Today's free MP3" on 21/07/2010 on All about jazz

Felk "Today's free MP3" on 20/08/2010 on All about jazz

Cousin Silas - Canaveral Dreams
Canaveral Dreams

"Truly fantastic" Headphonaught's Nanolog