-Acustronica is NOT "just another place to promote your music on". If you choose to release an album on Acustronica, you agree to not submit it to others labels; we'll remove your album from our catalog if we find that the same album has been released on another label. We had some joint releases in the past, but we are not doing that anymore.

-Henceforth on Acustronica will be there Creative Commons free download releases only. We had some releases for sale in the past, but we are not doing that anymore. There will be exceptions from time to time, but that will be decided internally by the staff of Acustronica, and will apply only to some specific projects, so please don't ask about putting your release for sale

-We are working to make Acustronica an always better QUALITY label: this means that we are reducing drastically the amount of releases in a given year; we are doing that because we want to promote the best releases only, and this will allow us to promote them better and longer. We won't release more than 1 albums by the same artist in a year (collaborations excluded); so, please, don't submit all your music, and be really selective about the music you're submitting; it's better a really good, WELL COMPOSED AND PRODUCED album, than 2 or 3 average albums.

In other words, please don't submit:

-endless, aimless improvisations
-tracks with samples replacing real instruments because you "couldn't find better" : if you need some real sounding instruments, please find some musician to record the part for you. You can use samples, but they are must be processed, and not resembling real instruments. And please, no MIDI sounding drums!
-unpolished works
-bad sounding works
-bad graphics

Send your music (non-expiring links only, NO ATTACHMENTS) to info@acustronica.com
We only accept submissions sent to this address, so don't submit music to our Facebook or Soundcloud profiles, we'll just ignore it. And please, BE SPECIFIC, let us know what to listen: in other words, don't send us to a Soundcloud page with dozens of tracks asking if we can find something interesting in there. We won't do that.

Please, don't ask for feedback on your music, only submit it if you're really interested in releasing it. We'll only respond if we are interested in releasing your music, and this may take some weeks.