Daniel Barbiero
Cristiano Bocci


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"Excellent piece of work" The Sound Projector

Selected as one of the best 2017 album by Avant Music News

"Barbiero and Bocci use traditional instruments, as well as the non-traditional ones, as a means to the end of characterizing their atopias." Avant Music News

"A top class experiment, both from a conceptual point of view, and taking into consideration the end result." Traks

" 'Non-Places' is an album of amazing, original music" Opduvel

"Marvelous" Towards the Margins

"It’s fascinating both on a conceptual level and as a listening experience, and full of sounds that you’ve never heard before." Exposé

""Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci amazingly meld together on Non-places[...] With their collective talent, any journey would be one to take." Lost In A Sea Of Sound

""Non-Places" is brilliant, with its imaginative use of field recordings" World Of Abstract Dreams

"On “Non-Places” Daniel Barbiero and Cristiano Bocci explore unusual terrain with the utmost of ease." Beach Sloth

"If you would like to experience a new frontier of music as art, I highly recommend investigating further" The Pulse

"Barbiero and Bocci are both extremely talented individuals that came together to create a work of art" The Voice Magazine

on air on: Battiti, The Sound Projector, Towards the Margins, Syndae, The Irrelevant Show, No Pigeonholes

Non-places is a collection of sound constructions inspired by non-places—public places that are often, though not exclusively, of commercial purpose, and that impart a sense of anonymity or dis-placement to those who pass through them and use them to their own ends.

Each piece is a layered composition that interprets a selected non-place. Taking a field recording of a non-place as the fundamental stratum, Barbiero composed and performed a part on double bass, which Bocci then subjected to electronic deconstruction and reconstruction: filtering frequencies, building rhythmic cells and ostinati from fragments of melody, looping the double bass to counterpoint itself, and when called for, adding a 6-string electric bass melody doubling the original composition. (Repetition is an underlying motif of the non-place, and consequently of many of these compositions.)

Sounds estranged from themselves, appropriated and integrated into an encompassing project that ultimately returns them to themselves: the compositional process mimics, in its own way, the complex dialectic of alienation and appropriation that is the hallmark of the non-place. And yet anonymity and repetition by no means foreclose emotion--which will break through in a melodic passage just as it might on a train ride home.

Daniel Barbiero: double bass; prepared double bass on “Turnpike Suite;” field recordings
Cristiano Bocci: electronics; electric bass; field recordings

with Matteo Ranieri, harmonica on “Train to Siena.”

Recorded September-December 2016 in Silver Spring (USA) and Follonica (Italy)
Assembled and mixed by Cristiano Bocci
Mastered by Mark Beazley in Walthamstow, London
Artwork by Marinella Caslini (www.disgrafica.com)

Non-places is accompanied by the online essay:
Atopia: Soundings from Non-places by Daniel Barbiero