Jim Buzz

(Assisi, Italy)

 Jim Buzz

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Human Feeling

Human Feeling

1998 – 2001 studied at the LIZZARD SCHOOL , Fiesole (FI) with professor Daniele Morelli and continued at “Per Cento Musica” with Luca Nostro.

Took part in many seminars: Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Bred Garsed, Pietro Nobile, Rocco Zifarelli

2000 – 2002 received diploma in computer science specializing in microphone techniques and Shooting and training at Stemma rec Studio of Stefano Borzi with Mirko Cascio and with Acousticlight of Stephan Luthi.

- has cooperated with many recording studios as musician, arranger and sound designer among which: Sound Service studio in Città di Castello, Strani Rumori in Trevi, Villa Villa Kula in Sterpeto, Jungle Sound Station in Milan, Stemma Rec Studio in Roma.

As sound designer has cooperated with many artists among which: Orchestra Piazza Vittorio, Enrico Rava, Negramaro, Samuele Bersani, Gino Paoli Jazz Quintet, Umbria Jazz, AREZZO WAVE, Rock Targato Italia, A toys Orchestra, Rosso Fuoco, Bugo.

as musician has co-operated (played) with many groups among which: : Marco Benedetti (per Velvet), Colore Perfetto (per Moltheny), GPU (per Mario Riso).

with Wlfstudio made sound for : Loydd farmacie , Banca Popolare di Spoleto , Regione Sardegna , Giochi delle porte Gualdo Tadino , Cruciani cashmire and many more...

with Wlfstudio made rec productions for : Narayan & the Reptilians , Sly & the Spy , Frost , Raster , Olden , JuliandeRoom , Smokestar Rooster , Roby Folino dj , Anonima Frottolisti , kracken and many more...

He is working on a soloist chill out project Jim Buzz and he's playing with: -

NARAYAN & THE REPTILIANS (http://narayanandthereptilians.blogspot.it/)

-in a tribute to Hendrix (www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hendrix-Muchachos/ 133631630021038?ref=mf)

-in a tribute to RATM (https://www.facebook.com/pages/People-of-the-sun/288788241651)

- FROST (www.myspace.com/frost35beat);

-OLDEN (www.reverbnation.com/olden)