Human Feeling

Jim Buzz

Human Feeling

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The album, a concept of about 40 minutes , intends to describe the sensations and moods of an individual at a certain moment of an evening, of a day, of a night, of a love story



Divided in:

Phase 1 “ sentiment and passion”

Es geregnet represents ambition

Glacial represents love as primary sentiment

Heart stands for physical love


Phase 2 “ work and society”

Akustic symbolizes my work, a pop composition “ music in plastic”

look at me I’ve got an industrial discharge describes the noises of factory work


Phase 3 “ relaxation and serenity”

december december 2 Nectar represents relaxation


Phase 4 “ end: enjoyment”

Dragdanite . Fun Night , the closing song

On the whole a 40 minute visionary concept I like it a lot I tried to make the music and the message , art and vehicle of communication, less hermetic as possible since, as Saint Francis of Assisi once said, the simplest things are the most beautiful All this to unite music to words, to videos, to light and have it become communication A beautiful gesture offered to music lovers in 2012


In glacial the sinths are played by a dear friend and master Alessandro de Florio

In heart the drums are played by Alberto Argirò, an expert drummer of Italian jazz and the double bass by Graziano Brufani

In Dragdanite the bass is played by Lino de Rosa ( Sony, Frankie Hi-NRG MC, and many others)


Enjoy listening to it!