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Explorers is an album performed and recorded at the Campiglia Summer Festival in 2014, as a live hybrid ambient improvisation by Kristijan Simić – electric guitar, Melinda Ligeti – synth & keyboard and Norman Baiocchi – wavedrum.

The titles and the concept grew out later, after attentive listening, letting the sounds lead the way to imagination. It depicts a story of an advanced/diverse culture of beings (not necessarily humans), that take an explorational journey through space, passing through stellar constellations making the time stretch in total opposition to the ultra high speed of traveling.

The opening title Stellar Path Bending introduces us to these „explorers“, that involuntarily land on Earth, due to some instability factors of the transportation means. This is followed by The World Gone Silent, as a feeling of a high-end astonishment of the entire population – resulting in total lack of any sounds, like a frozen state of total deafness, but the sounds come from within, still staying trapped inside. Explorers are now forced to go back to the roots, dropping down to the very basics of surviving, starting everything from scratch – In Search Of A New Land. After finding it, they are Building A Shelter. Naturally they have The Feast as an accomplishment ritual. It is now clear that A Brighter Day is coming for them, but suddenly there appears the challenge of Defence Battle, that ends up well, so they Celebrate! Shortly after, they meet the Bringer Of Happiness which can be an entity of some sort that gives them possibility for salvation, coming for them to bring them far away, back home. So the story closes with The Return.

Even if no stories would be made up, or put out as a sort of a program to follow, the music and sounds that were created in the moment definitely lead us through cinematic experiences – growing out of exploring the audio/visual imaginarium, for the musicians while still playing, as well as for everyone else while listening. Exploration continues through each re-listening of the recorded material, since every time some new moments come out as never heard before, and this is the magic of music in general, that can always stay new and can change and be deceitful in a most charming way, playing with our thoughts and feelings.

all music instantly invented/composed/improvised by:
Kristijan Simić – electric guitar
Melinda Ligeti – synth and keyboard
Norman Baiocchi - wavedrum

recorded live @ Campiglia Summer Festival, 2014 by Melinda Ligeti
produced and mastered by Melinda Ligeti
cover by Melinda Ligeti

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND