Melinda Ligeti


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"A potent retro futurist pop album" Recent Music Heroes

"“Belonging” is as good a cure for musical stridency as you are likely to find" Bluesbunny

"Solid, really well composed, able to capture you" Sounds Behind The Corner

"Great album, and sweetly relaxing..." Yamanote Dreams

on air on Radio Città del Capo, Anima Jazz @diffuser, Parachute

Disillusion, solitude, reminiscence, believing, traveling, loving, belonging.
Belonging to somebody, to yourself, to nature, dreams, to the unknown,
to something, to anything, to no one and nothing.
Belonging to the thought of not belonging. Either way – we all belong.
Melinda Ligeti

Music, lyrics, vocals, flute, piano, keyboards, classical and acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, key drums and electronics by Melinda Ligeti. Recorded and produced by Melinda Ligeti.

Cover art by Norman Baiocchi
Edited by Melinda Ligeti

Dedicated to my sons Kristijan Simić and Sebastian Baiocchi and my husband Norman Baiocchi.

June 2015.

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND