Rapid Eye Movement


Rapid Eye Movement



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Rapid Eye Movement

Physical Deluxe Edition contains personalized copy of the CD, a bonus track, a different exclusive watercolor for every copy and other synaesthetic gifts.
19$ (15€) includes shipping

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"Terse, memorable motifs and fragments of melody float in from the mist” New York Music Daily

selected as one of the top 40 album of 2012 by Arsenale54

“Mysterious, imaginative, surprising, sweet, confusing, lamented, humorous, seductive, emotional, scary, but always inviting.. Norman’s music reveals different shades and odors of dreams, taking us to places where even nightmares can be strangely pleasant to be in. Spontaneously, yet in a very skilled way, juxtaposing and intertwining beauty and horror, “Rapid Eye Movement” EP is a little masterpiece, a perfect soundtrack for all of our dreams, whether we’re wide awake, or in a deep sleep. It’s absolutely a must for both “vertical” and “horizontal” dreamers out there.” Melinda Ligeti

Norman “Sétamùr” Baiocchi: synth, electric guitar, kaossilator
All songs written, arranged and co-produced by Norman “Sétamùr” Baiocchi
Recorded, produced, mixed and co-arranged by Melinda Ligeti

Cover by Norman “Sétamùr” Baiocchi
Artwork and layout by Melinda Ligeti
Artist photo by Roberta Demeglio

Dedicated to Melinda Ligeti